4 Important Things to Consider When Building Your Dream Concrete Patio

If you want to build a concrete patio for your property in Cranbourne, you have to plan carefully and consider the important factors about it. This is to ensure that you can attain the landscaping feature that will fit your requirements and preferences. It may seem intimidating because there can be many things to consider, such as the style, functionality, material, and other factors that may either make or break the results of your dream patio.

Don’t worry because our friendly and proficient team of professionals at Cranbourne Concreters are always ready to help you out. Since we have immense years of experience delivering trusted service throughout Cranbourne, we guarantee that we can build you a bespoke concrete patio. So if ever you are still conceptualizing your next landscaping project, stay tuned. We will share some of the things you can consider when building your ideal concrete patio in Cranbourne.

What is your budget?

A concrete patio is a good project you can start with because it is more affordable compared to other landscaping features like decks. However, you should be certain about your budget range because it can affect your patio’s size, style, and functionality.

Large-scale patios that are elaborately designed will need a larger budget, but if you just want a simple and cozy patio for your family, of course, you can definitely save more.

At Cranbournes Concreters, we offer one of the most competitive prices in the city for materials and services. When you work with us, our seasoned professionals will have a consultation with you to create a plan that will work well with the budget you have in mind.

Where do you plan to have it installed?

Whether you have a limited or spacious lot, it is important to pick a great setting for your concrete patio so you can maximize its functionality and minimize costs. You can consult with our expert designer to determine the most suitable location for your patio. The factors below are commonly the factors that need to be considered before proceeding with the construction:

the space available in your property

the views you want to see

the style of your house


drainage system


What is the purpose of your concrete patio?

For what reason will you build a concrete patio? Is it for a place for lounging, entertaining, dining or recreation? Besides that, you also have to take into consideration the fixtures, furniture, designs and other things you wish to integrate into your patio because these things will affect your patio’s style and size.

There are four types of patios you can choose from. You can have a bistro patio if you just want a simple and cozy space for your family. If you need an area where you can enjoy alfresco dinners, you can have an outdoor dining patio built. On the other hand, if you require an area around your pool where you can lounge, having a sun deck patio is advantageous. Finally, you can have a comfortable living room patio if you prefer to have an area for relaxation outdoors.

What are the advantages of having a concrete patio?

maintaining a concrete patio is convenient because you don’t have to worry about rotting, insect infestation or costly annual repainting or sealing

you can have great versatility in design and style

concrete is more affordable than other building materials

it is robust and can resist harsh weather conditions and elements

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