Top 5 Easy Solutions You Can Try to Get Rid of Weeds on Concrete Pavers

Properly installed concrete pavers are less susceptible to uncontrollable weed growth. However, even if you use top-quality concrete pavers and have them professionally installed, weeds may still grow and quickly spread throughout your paved surfaces. If you want to get rid of all the pesky weeds, you have to understand how to prevent them from growing and the corrective methods you can take.

At Cranbourne Concreters, we want to aid you in maintaining your paved surfaces so you can maximize their full potential for the years to come. Save your paved patio, walkway, driveway and other hardscape areas from weed infestation! Check out these six remedies you can try to get rid of weeds on your concrete pavers.

Preventive Remedies

Proper Drainage

Weeds will grow more in a cool, damp environment. So if you are planning to install concrete pavers in your hardscape areas, make sure that there is a sufficient slope and proper drainage. The slope of the paved area should slant away from the location of your house. This will inhibit the growth of weeds because the water will not be stuck on the crevices between the pavers.

Regular Sweeping

Weeds do not usually grow beneath the pavers. They grow when the sand from the gaps between the concrete pavers is washed away, and the seedlings from nearby trees or plants settle into these spaces. Regular sweeping can help prevent the seedlings from settling on the paver’s crevices. Besides that, it can also disrupt the sprouting weeds from rooting in your pavers.

Corrective Remedies

If you are already experiencing a noticeable weed growth between your concrete pavers, here are the corrective remedies you can try.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a solution used to get rid weeds because it contains salt, and it is easy to apply. You just have to sprinkle the baking soda on the crevices, or you can also opt to pour it on the paver’s surface and sweep it on the affected areas. Leave it for about a day to ensure that the baking soda will overload the weeds with salt and dehydrate them. After the weeds have died and withered, you can just sweep them off the concrete pavers.

Boiling Water

One of the most beneficial and practical solutions you can try when you want to get rid of the pervasive weeds in your pavers is boiling water. Get a pot of boiling water and gradually pour it on the weeds growing in between the pavers. Always be careful when handling boiling water to avoid splatters. You can also wear gloves to avoid burns. After waiting for about a day, it would be easier to manually pull the weeds because it has withered. You can also sweep the weeds away. It might be best to remember that this remedy is not a permanent solution, so if you notice weeds sprouting again, you just have to repeat this process.


We also recommend pressure washing your concrete pavers because it will be like hitting two birds with one stone. Through this, you can get rid of the stubborn weeds and deep clean your pavers so they can look good as new again. However, remember to use the rotating surface cleaner attachment instead of the jet nozzle so you can avoid washing away the sand in between the pavers and scratch the surface of the pavers.

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