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Coloured Concrete

When it comes to decorative concrete, there are more options than you may initially think. Don’t just settle for grey! Decorative solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the concrete world, and Cranbourne Concreters will make your concretes have a shake-on of colours.

The world of concrete gives a new spice by deleting the idea of having a pure boring, dull grey concrete floor. As decorative concrete becomes popular, this paves the way for durable and cost-effective concrete installation. 

Coloured concrete assumes different colours, shapes, and textures, making it blend in with any environment. If you think you are walking along with dull concrete, you can give a twist by making it look like brick, wood, stone, or any other style of your choice.

Along with coloured concrete is a variety of ways to give your concrete the jazz making it appear more dull and boring. If you choose to avail a coloured concrete Service, you’re up to several advantages.

When you get your concrete coloured, the process makes your concrete more durable and resistant to stains and hides the existing colours and marks created. It is an excellent alternative for expensive work, but you have the aesthetic appeal in only a short time at just a lower price. It saves you a vast amount of time, effort, and money.

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As professional concreters, we have developed the habit of cleaning up our project areas. We will leave your property pristine and visually appealing.

Coloured Concreting Services

Coloured concrete has four different ways to give your concrete a good colour – stain, integral pigment, colour hardener, and concrete dyes. Each method presents further aesthetic appeal.

This is popular because it can be used in both new and existing concrete, creating subtle, earth-toned colours that blend well with natural surroundings. 

Integral Pigment
It is only an option. This provides a fade-resistant colour, added to the mixture itself, giving a natural stone look and maybe layered. 

Colour Hardener
This is often used along with stamped concrete. This creates an intense colour to the concrete’s surface and also strengthens it. This makes the coloured concrete more resistant to wear and can withstand moisture and deicing chemicals.

Concrete Dye
This is used for creating bold colours and complex patterns. Unlike stain, this can be polished as it can be predictable and is best for inside applications.

Cranbourne Concreters offers the best coloured concrete services in town, a distinctive look that will not fade over time. Our concrete professionals offer deep knowledge, expertise and experience when it comes to concreting. We promise to deliver concrete solutions with minimal maintenance, various colours and patterns that fit your decorative needs.

Before looking for what product you like to use, ask yourself what effect you wish to present. Cranbourne Concreters can help you in planning and choosing the right choice for your coloured concrete project. With our years of expertise and knowledge, we promise to deliver excellent work.

For more information on our coloured concrete Service, contact us now at Cranbourne Concreters and get your custom quote. With us, your concrete will never be the same old boo-ish grey all over again.

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